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Meet the Trainer

AT ECC Stables, we stand by our promise to provide quality care for your horses. The farm owner and trainer,
Michelle Mullins, strives to create a safe & clean, family-friendly environment for all to enjoy. 

Horse Stable Orange County, Virginia

Michelle Mullins

Owner & Trainer

Michelle Mullins has been riding horses since 1984. With over 30+ years of experience, Michelle is proud to be a part of the ECC Stables team. She has been a competitive rider since her time in college & even now! She has competed on the American Interschool Riding Competition Team, as well as, the Intercollegent Riding Team. From local horse shows to more competitive 'A' Circuit Show series, Michelle has competed (& won) on all levels! Her passion for riding & horses follows her on her journey as a rider, trainer & co-owner at ECC Stables. She's excited to share her knowledge & years of experience with you. 

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